Leggiamo con i nostri bambini!

Let’s read with our children!

In English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Vietnamese – ANY LANGUAGE AT ALL!

Modeling how to read to children helps them to pronounce words, speak with intonation, deepen comprehension and overall navigate the life-long journey of learning to read!

Below is a video of Maestro Falsetti reading the book “L’Albero Giovanni e la Neve,” to his son Luca.  The third and fourth grade Italian Language Arts students enjoyed watching and listening to Maestro Falsetti read a book t December.


LIM (Lavagna Interattiva Multimediale)

As the result of a technology grant Ms. Varela-Katz pursued, many of the classrooms at Victory School have been able to upgrade from chalkboards or whiteboards to Smartboards!  The third grade Italian class had named the smart board, “La Lavagna Intelligente,” which is a direct translation of “The smart board.”

On Thursday 15th, Victory School was excited to welcome a special visitor, Roberto Pennazzato – the Director of Education from Chicago’s Consulate General of Italy – along with other administrative staff from our school district!  Our class ambassador welcomed Signore Pennazzato to our classroom and gave him a quick tour of the room, during which he informed us that a smart board is actually called Una Lavagna Interattiva Multimediale or LIM for short.   Roughly translated, LIM stands for an interactive multimedia board.  We were happy to have Signore Pennazzato to help us keep on the cutting edge of high-tech Italian terminology – GRAZIE!  We now call the smart board, the “LIM.”

Check out the video below, which shows a student in action using the LIM for a quick Reading/English Language Arts review of antonyms.  You can witness IMMEDIATELY how engaging the LIM is for the students.

We are attempting to grasp all of the capabilities of the LIM and working to incorporate its use into all subjects!  E’ molto “cool!”

I Studenti di Maestra Laurenzi e Maestra Kaur Cantano Canzoni Italiani

While Maestra Laurenzi’s students spend time practicing and exploring English English Language Arts with Maestra Kaur, Maestra Kaur’s students spend time with Maestra Laurenzi learning Italian.  This year many were introduced to the Italian language for the first time!

The videos below show the FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary Schools) students from Mastra Kaur’s class as they have fun learning Italian songs.  Maestra Laurenzi introduced the student to the Italian language in an engaging way – through music!

Listen and see if you recognize any of the songs or words.  Enjoy!

I Progetti di Scienza

Through Donors Choose, the Third Grade Class (Terza Elementare) of Room 109 received una fattoria delle formice (An Ant Farm).  For the few months our class has observed as the ants made a home for themselves.  Additionally, the students are studying “The Earth’s Rocks and Minerals,” so they conducted an experiment to see if we could grow crystals.  Finally, all the 3rd grade classes were lucky to be participants in the “Geranium Nation” project, which is a collaboration between MPS and the UW-Extension.  Students were given geraniums (Milwaukee’s city flower!) that adorned city street dividers.  We were caring for them in our classroom, but after they grew large and flowered, we decided to send them home as holiday gifts.  View the slideshow below to check out our science activities!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


On November 5th the students of Victory were privileged to have members of Lago del Bosco, one of the Concordia Language Villages (http://www.concordialanguagevillages.org/newsite/) set up camp at Victory School for one day.  Many Victory students participated – both those who were familiar with Italian and those who were new to the language.

The gracious camp leaders provided a wide range of activities for the students.  The only requirement – STUDENTS AND STAFF WERE EXPECTED TO COMMUNICATE ONLY IN ITALIAN!  As you will witness in the preceding videos, the children LOVED the event.

There are not enough words or cards to thank the members of Lago del Bosco who came from all over the country to ensure the event was a success.  Also, mille graze a Maestro Zizzo for organizing the event and all the teachers who helped out (Ms. Robertson, Ms. Laurenzi, Ms Kleczski, Ms. Desseareau and Ms. Varel-Katz).

The children continue to speak about the great day they had.

I Video per i bambini di K4 e K5

Some K4 and K5 parents have suggested that we post some videos on the site that highlight the words, letters and the corresponding Italian so that families can work together on Italian concepts at home.  Well here is that first installment of some of those videos, which cover animals, colors, numbers and animals.  Practice with your child and enjoy!

Animali – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IASoTX9YyyE
Colori – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGFkHCpw34o&feature=related
Numeri – http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=f8uQ2ok7r0o

Gli studenti fanno una scenetta e offrono le attivita’ del Lago del Bosco

Victory students create a skit that describes Lago del Bosco’s Activities!

Last year, a number of Victory School students attended the Concordia Language Village dubbed “Lago del Bosco.”  At the camp the students and  staff speak only in the target language “Italian.”

In this skit, some students who attended  the camp last year act out a silly skit explaining the fun activities at the camp, such as soccer, swimming, making masks and – most importantly – learning Italian in a fun, immersion setting with other children!

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